By Marley

Jack Parow really needs no big introductions. This Afrikaans dude with the snor has made rapping in Afrikaans cool again. His music has crossed not only international borders but cultural borders. His ability to work with just about any artist has also proven that there is more than meets the eye.

Jack is a South African house hold name, even more so after “Dis Hoe Ons Rol” show that broadcasted on kykNET last year. His love for brandy has brought us Parow Brandy (available at your favourite liquor store), he is famous in the Nederlands, he is a keen gamer and loves his fans. Now, once again one of Nelsparta’s favourites are coming back for one night. Jack Parow will be performing on Friday 25 August at Woodcrock 12 at the legendary place, Blue Moon.

In between his busy schedule of recording his upcoming studio album, I asked Jack a quick 5 questions.

Jack Parow Innibos 2019 - photo by Small Town Music
Jack Parow
(photo by Small Town Music Blog)

STM: On Instagram, you share your love for rugby and gaming. Which is your favourite to relax to? Gaming or watching rugby or both?

JP: A bit of both. Haha. Rugby is for the weekends met ‘n braai en ‘n dop. Gaming is for the weekdays met ‘n braai en ‘n dop.

STM: Parow Brandy (or karate water) is on everyone’s lips, what can you tell someone who has never tasted it?

JP: Be careful. It will take over your fucking life. Tastes like a pretty lady and it’s just as dangerous.

STM: You are currently busy recording a new album, what can the fans expect from this album?

JP: It’s called “Afrika 4 Beginners” and I’m very proud of it so far. Harde musiek. Rowwe raps. En goeie fokken tye.

STM: You are a big fan of Blue Moon venue in Nelspruit, what is your fondest memory of Blue Moon?

JP: I have so many. Really. Memories of braaing till the sun came up overlooking the dam. Memories of drinking till the sun came up hanging over the bar counter. Memories of talking kak and jolling till the sun came up in the signature riddled backstage. Basically memories of barely having any memories.

STM: You will be playing Woodcrock 12 on Friday 25 August in Nelspruit, what can fans expect from your show?

JP: A fokken party filled with harde music, strong booze and surprise surprise surprise, jolling till the sun rises!

Don’t miss this amazing weekend! Get your tickets today online at Quicket or in Nelspruit at The Pub or via Small Town Music for only R 200. At the gate, it’s R 250. And yes there will be brandy on sale.

Here is Jack Parow with De Kraaien which STM thinks will sum up the Woodcrock 12 weekend to the point – Kattenkwaad!

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Thank you Jack!

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.