By Marley

Innibos 2016 is one I won’t forget soon as I did it with head flu and an extreme case of laryngitis. My 4 day festival was only a 3 day festival due to being in bed on the Wednesday evening. But this didn’t stop me from enjoying the one festival I was looking forward to since 2015 again.

Not to bore you with the details I’ve decided just to share of the highlights of Innibos. These are my highlights and I suppose there are a few that was disappointed the Jagermeister truck closed early. But if you missed it …

Wednesday 29 June

Since I wasn’t at the MK Rock stage to tell you excately how every top 10 band was live. The top 2 was chosen by the judges – The Jonathan Peyper Trio and Tuin. These two bands now have to play the next evening on the Standard Bank stage for the top dog award.

Thursday 30 June

It was a new thing Innibos tried to move the rock stage to the main stage because we overheard a lot of people say “Nee tonight it’s a bit rof on stage”. I think it got as ruff as a unicorn picnic but that is my opinion really. The stage was opened by Die Heuwels Fantasties performing songs like “Sonrotse”, “Leja”, “Klein Tambotieboom” and a few others.

Khan Morbee of The Parlotones was next and it felt kindof lost without this usual band behind him but never the less the fans responded. Next was Dan Patlansky co-lab with Albert Frost, anyone who is worth their salt knew what a big deal this was. These two guitarists are the best we have in South Africa and so many people just found it boring. For the rest of us we were completely in awe with it. We couldn’t get enough and with Dan heading overseas (again) I personally couldn’t think of a better show than theirs.

Jonathan Peyper - photo by Small Town Music
Jonathan Peyper
(photo by Small Town Music)

Then it was time to have the two finalists perform their one song on the main stage. A whole 5 minutes which was just way too short in my eyes. The Jonathan Peyper Trio burnt the place nearly down with their coolness and I heard in this time that they won the best drummer, best bassist and best guitarist the previous evening. Tuin tried…it was my first time seeing her and to be honest here I was impressed at all with neither her vocals nor her song. Sure you can write your own stuff but it doesn’t mean you will impress everyone standing there. The winners were determined by the crowd who screamed the loudest – really? Didn’t you guys think a bunch of drunk, horny, male students are not going to scream for a bunch of chicks? You must pat yourself on the back that they didn’t scream for Tuin to show their cans to them. Anyway…Tuin won the big prize leaving a bitter taste in about 99% of the people out there mouths.

The Black Cat Bones was next and as predicted they set the stage on fire with their presence. At a time I looked back at the crowd sitting down and their faces were a mixture of fright, delight and “OMG”. They did gain a few fans as some of my non-BCB friends said if they knew they were that good live they would have listened a long time ago. Finally, I rest my case.

Karen Zoid fans filled the front quickly as the first lady in SA rock graced the stage. By this time my flu was getting hectic along with the cold. Of course, everyone knew the songs while my partner, Rob, took over the photography he enjoyed her show. And he is as English as the next guy. Francois van Coke was next and I must confess it was the first time seeing his solo show. Of course he and Karen won’t be able to leave the stage without singing “Toe vind ek jou” and yes how beautiful it was.

They saved the last with Prime Circle and oh these boys are close to me heart. When Ross gave a shout out to Blue Moon I just melt. Yes my friend we all miss her during this time. I left with the band’s hit “She always gets what she wants” ringing in my ears.

Prime Circle Innibos 2016 - photo by Small Town music
Prime Circle
(photo by Small Town Music)

Friday 01 July

Now that my voice decided to stay but still make me sound like a teenage boy with a broken voice it was time to hit the MK Rock stage at 6 pm. Opening with Spoegwolf these Stellenbosch boys reminded me of Mumford and Sons – just Afrikaans. I will like to see them again and also find out how they got to the name Spoegwolf. Next was another first for Nelsparta and that was Majozi. The Durban singer (now based in Cape Town) has the sweetest personality and he was one cool dude on stage. You might know his songs “Breathing” or “The River”.

Majozi Innibos 2016 - photo by Small Town Music
(photo by Small Town Music)

Albert Frost was back on the MK Rock stage and what a show it was. His new album “The Wake Up” is doing fantastic. I’m not sure if many fans got his music but the couple I saw lang arm in the back was quite a sight. I suppose you can sakkie-sakkie on any kind of music even Mr Frost’s music.

Albert Frost - photo by Small Town Music
Albert Frost
(photo by Small Town Music)

But it was Wonderboom who again stole the show to show off that 20 years later you can still rock the stage. Cito’s dance moves had the cameras clicking and the crowd keep beat with him. I can always stare at this band and sing every song with. They even performed their new single which was just fantastic to hear live.

Wonderboom Innibos 2016 - photo by Small Town Music
(photo by Small Town Music)

Taxi Violence entered the stage and it was mixture of the old fans vs the new fans I think. Besides that there was people older than 16 in front of the stage I wonder how many grew up with Taxi Violence’s music just like Wonderboom. Yes, we are at THAT age already. I love Taxi Violence’s “Devil ‘n Gun” that song will always remind me of the nights on the Avontoer and Blue Moon.

And celebrating #Swanesang10 was Fokofpolisiekar. What a band! With the theme of Innibos being #DroomGroot this was my big dream coming true, seeing Fokofpolisiekar live again. It was most probably been more than 10 years since seeing them but how great it was. To finally have my Fokofpolisiekar book signed by the band is also another dream coming true. Hell, I’m such a band geek, but I love it.

Fokof came and burnt down everything we forgot we knew. How they made me feel like the angry 20 something year old and how true their music is still today. Many parents (including my own) thought they were the devil themselves but in the end they are just a few guys from Bellville that made pure Afrikaans grunge music.

Saturday 02 July

This was the last day of the Ininbos festival and yet it felt like it ended the night before with Fokofpolisiekar. But then I reminded myself that aKING and Bittereinder were still to play and I found myself buying a drink again. The weather turned from mild Lowveld winter to that of London with a chilled wind grinding through your bones. A walk through the fairground watching all the people going on the rides was quite interesting. You’ll never catch me on those things! Too much

Final Destination movies.

Nagligte - photo by Small Town music
(photo by Small Town Music)

The MK rock stage kicked off with Nagligte, an Afrikaans band that is now only a couple of months on the grid. I must say I first thought they we were at the wrong stage but I got it the minute they started performing. If Die Heuwels Fantasties can be one of my favourites why can’t these guys? I highly recommend you see them next time no matter your state of mind in Afrikaans. Matthew Mole with his sweet smile and folk set up was next. I haven’t seen him in two years but he still hasn’t changed much. His songs pulled the younger faces to the fence to remind them that through love we will survive. His new single “Run” is now available on iTunes.

Matthew Mole Innibos 2016 - photo by Small Town Music Blog
Matthew Mole
(photo by Small Town Music)

I skipped Bouwer Bosch well since I’ve never been a fan and from what I heard I didn’t miss much. Gangs of Ballet came to rock the scene but I was preoccupied with the medic tent and then the Lowveld High senior choir on the main stage. Those kids made this Nelspartan burst with pride since I know how hard they work on those voices. It was a beautiful experience to see and hear from the top of the field.

aKING wowed us next on the MK Stage and I will never grow tired of the SAMA winners. They came and with a twinkle in their eye they had everyone singing “Know your bones” and “Safe as houses”. How many times I’ve seen them live I don’t know, I’ve lost count completely.

To end off the excellent music we’ve heard over the valley of the Lowveld was Bittereinder. This trio of a fast beat, fast rap, fast electronic with mind-blowing visual effects is just what the doctor ordered. Bittereinder is a band in their own form and the fans can never get enough of them either.

Will I do Innibos 2017? In a heartbeat. Do I want heavy flu while doing so? No freaking way. Given how I feel a week after then I rather take a babelas.

My final add to Innibos 2016 is that they did a few changes which I loved. Let’s keep rock ‘n roll alive.

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.