By Marley

What do you get when cross the hippy vibes from Woodstock of 1969 and The Nile Crocodile (the venue – in Conrad’s opinion the best rock club)? You get Conrad Jamneck’s ultimate birthday bash – Woodcrock!

For 11 years Conrad had his parties literally now everywhere and anywhere except for the one place we all love. This place is the holy place for many, many bands. So many people have moved through there who has joined the party in the Big Sky. Many drinks have been spilled there, babies were made there and kids who ran around there is now all grown up…and they are musicians now. I’m speaking about the one and only, Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Nelspruit - photo by Small Town Music
Blue Moon, Nelspruit
(photo by Small Town Music)

Blue Moon, who closed her doors 4 years ago, have been sleeping in silence with a leopard call now and then heard over the valley. A few weeks ago we watched kykNET’s program “Dis Hoe Ons Rol” with Jack Parow and his crew as they visited the venue. And we all sighed…how do we miss this place. Now, at the end of August, the hopeful end of a very dry season we can party like it’s 1969!

Many of you reading this will be attending this beautiful weekend of free love, cheap booze and of course great music. Since it’s not technically a ‘public event’ it’s really the cream of the crop of music lovers that will be there. Count yourself lucky as the Moon is still in the market. The point of this article is to read BEFORE you rush off to Nelsparta and you end up forgetting something important (like underwear or something).

Conrad Jamneck - Woodcrock - photo by Small Town Music
Conrad Jamneck
(photo by Small Town Music)

Here are the top 10 tips for #Woodcrock11

  1. No open fires – regardless of what you remember of the Lowveld we haven’t had good rainfall since late last year. The bush is super dry and we don’t want to cancel the event because of unexpected fire dance. Braaiboy will be the hero of the kitchen (and the controlled fire braais) or if you want to brekkie by your tent, bring a Cadac. Kill your cigarettes (and spliff) before throwing it in the bush – please.
  2. It’s moer hot during the day (our humidity hasn’t started yet) but the temperatures can and will drop during the evening. Bring a blanket, for during the day to sit on and during the evening to snooze under. Don’t think the Lowveld can’t get cold! Ask those who underestimate that warning during Innibos.
  3. There is a dress-up theme! Yes, dress up in your bell bottoms, get the flowers ready and tie-dye your favourite t-shirt. Hippies, let’s united and let’s make it look it’s 1969 – Blue Moon style.
  4. Food, we all need to eat and we don’t mean the wildlife. Rather save yourself the trouble (and the fines) and make your way down to the Blue Moon kitchen. Red onesie wearing, Braaiboy will be “gooi’ing a choppie op die kole” and fill any hungry or cure that babelas. Bring your money!
  5. Don’t drink the water in the tap! The golden rule is buy it in a bottle or bring your own. The bar will be selling bottled water but use the water in the tap for brushing your teeth (everyone likes a minty freshness breath) only and flush the toilet once you are done. Please don’t throw wired shit down the toilets (bra’s, panties, soiled undies, rolls of toilet paper), if it didn’t come out of your body it doesn’t belong there.
  6. Entrance is R150 – whenever you come to both dates or come one night only. It’s a deal plus it includes your camping. You just paid over R750 for Oppikoppi tickets, remember that. If you haven’t brought your ticket beforehand please have cash ready at the gate. We know the era of “EFT payments” are upon us but you are in the Slowveld. Plus a smile for Leichan, our gate girl, will get you far.
  7. Speaking about money…bring cash. Treat it as if you are going to STRAB. The last ATM in Nelsparta is Steiltes garage or the Spar complex. We heard rumours of a card machine but again, this is the Slowveld. You need money to buy awesome food and you can’t miss the bar specials. Thanks to The Cockpit Brewhouse you can expect some wild specials – like a double R and R for only R 20. There will be a Happy Hour and more specials announced during the weekend.
  8. Most of the friendly faces of the Blue Moon staff will be present to help you remember (or forget). From the A-Team, the best bar team in the world, to the gate lady, Leichan, who is all grown up now. Anna-Mart with her soulful blue eyes and big hugs (she is technically not working) and Sune will be running things backstage, ask Doc about himself. And don’t forget about Quite and his lovely wife. They are helpful if you need some tips on what not’s and what to do’s. Or if you just want to run some memories past them. Or if aliens want to kidnap you.
  9. The road is very dangerous, the dirt road we mean. DRIVE SLOW! Don’t fool yourself, don’t speed. Blue Moon hasn’t moved since she was built so get there safely. And if you are planning to drive back from Blue Moon to a friend or family’s house or your own after a night of partying, please be safe. Tell someone (sober) when you leaving so if aliens kidnap you, we know. In case of emergency save this number 013 755 88 00 – that is Van Wetten’s Towing. They can help you out a ditch.
  10. With all these tips above we are pretty sure you are ready and steady to party. All of you are cool people and we don’t expect anything less! If you have any questions still contact Conrad or Marley (who apparently knows a lot about fire ants).
Back stage at Blue Moon Nelspruit - photo by Small Town Music
Back stage at Blue Moon
(photo by Small Town Music)

I don’t have to tell you about the fantastic line up because that is one of the reasons (well if not the main reason, second is Conrad/Blue Moon) to be there but we have to celebrate Wonderboom for their 20 years in the industry (and still kicking ass). Don’t miss the open mic sessions on Saturday or sunset from the koppies. The most important thing is – have a lekker time.

We’ll see you at the Blue Moon.

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.