By Marley

Lowveld female vocalist, Endle, have been around the Mpumalanga province for quite a while and I have always loved how this woman’s energy can never cease on and off the stage.

Endle is a beautiful soul inside and out. I don’t just say that because she is a friend, I say that because once you have met her, you will share the same thought. Her voice is not only strong but soothing, a voice that must be heard much more often. She is currently the vocalist in an Afro-centric band called The House. Recently Endle released a brand new music video as a solo artist entitled “Indoni Yamanzi”. We had a quick chat about the video and her current career;

STM: As Endle, you are an established name already in the Lowveld but please tell us where you grew up and what is your background.

Endle: I grew up and went to school in Pretoria.

STM: Your new music video “Indoni Yamanzi” was just released. Can you share with us the meaning of the title and the writing process of this song?

Endle: The song was written with Arman Suleman who played the guitar and it’s basically an ode to someone being beautiful. “Indoni yamanzi” is the Zulu word for water berry and it’s also an expression for a beautiful woman.

It was written at a time just after the pandemic and I was writing songs that gave me the feeling of nostalgia.

STM: Where was the video shot and who was behind the production of it?

Endle: The video was shot at Witklip Dam which is situated close to Sabie in Mpumalanga. And the production was done by Mbuso of @afr_stories

STM: What is your thought process when writing a song? Do you write it as lyrics? Or do you use an instrument first for the music?

Endle: My thought process is usually about what feeling I want to convey and what story I want to tell. The instrument and lyrics are usually done together because they must be one.

STM: What is your favourite thing(s) of music and the ability to make it?

Endle: My favourite thing about making music is sharing it. I enjoy that music allows me to tell stories that people can resonate with.

STM: As a female artist what makes you stand out from all the queens out there on the scene now?

Endle: I suppose I am very tall whatever the scene may be.

Endle laying in a body of water - photo provided by the artist
Endle – Photo provided by artist

STM: If you could do a co-lab with any artist in our homeland or overseas, who would you choose and why?

Endle: I’m currently in a band called The House (members include Phakza, BongoJust and Clement) and that’s a collaboration I enjoy because it allows us to do more music and more frequently.

I’d also love to collaborate Bongeziwe Mabandla one day because I enjoy collaborating with guitarists like I did with Arman Suleman on the song “Indoni Yamanzi”.

STM: Growing as an original artist in Mpumalanga, what have you found is the most difficult part?

Endle: There aren’t that many venues that have artists and radio is slow to play Mpumalanga artists, they don’t seem interested in nurturing local talent or even coming to shows which is a shame.

STM: What is waiting for you in 2023 as an artist?

Endle: I’m looking forward to playing more gigs with our band called The House. We are writing more songs together and crafting an Afro-centric sound I enjoy.

STM: Do you have any advice for upcoming female artists out there?

Endle: I hope they have the most fun they can and make as much music as they would like to make.

You can follow Endle on her social media pages for upcoming events and of course new music. Meanwhile, have another listen to her new single “Indoni yamanzi”

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.