By Marley

Settled on the almost border of Mpumalanga and Gauteng, you’ll find the small town of Secunda.
Built around industries like petrol and farming, you would think finding a music festival here would be
odd. It is not only odd but wonderful.

Misty Waters Music festival is a 3-day festival that is filled to the brim with South African music.
After Covid pretty much rewrote how we do things in events, I’m happy to see Misty Waters is still
up and going. But being a ‘fees muis’ (someone who attends a lot of festivals or try to at least) you
know which festival is the one you simply can not miss. And this to me is Misty Waters, it’s truly the
way of life – the Misty way of life.

Sunset at Misty Waters 2019
Sunset at Misty Waters 2019 (photo Small Town Music)

Situated at Lake Umlazi in Secunda town and I do mean in town, it’s a hidden gem. Beautiful
camping grounds, willow trees that wake you up gently, and a lake that captures the sunset every single
evening. It’s a peaceful piece of music heaven and then the sound desk switches on the music. Then
the place becomes the world and you forget about your life, office, and worries. It’s putting on
your favourite pair of sneakers and t-shirt, hitting the stage feeling like you are forever young.
This is the Misty way of life.

Johnny de Ridder Misty Waters 2019
Johnny de Ridder – Fokofpolisiekar at Misty Waters 2019 (photo Small Town Music)

Attending this festival is like no other because of the venue and the surrounding area are not making you wonder then this year’s lineup will. I’m so glad that this is a full blown rock ‘n roll, reggae, blues, acoustic and all of its sub genre’s because live music, as in people playing their musical instruments, is an animal that should be let out more. So who is on the lineup that you should consider buying a ticket with your hard earn money? Well, for starters it’s Springbok Nude Girls – showing you that a bunch of guys in their late 40’s/early 50’s can still rock most youngsters into the ground. Fokofpolisiekar whose fan base grew up with them, raising their kids on their music and seeing every single age group scream the songs back at the band. The queen of SA rock, Karen Zoid, will grace the stage. A few old school guys like The Narrow, Desmond and the Tutus, Glaskas, Shadowclub, Arno Carstens and Wonderboom. For the load intense, bone-rambling doef-doef you have Bittereinder (who recently announced their disbandment of the band and Misty will be their last gig as Bittereinder) and Van Pletzen. Tidal Waves is your reggae band and if you don’t know them, about time you get to the stage. Our own Lowveld home girl, Court Gibson, will also be showing off her talent. There are plenty more names we can throw in here but the best is to check out Misty Waters socials for the full lineup.

Tidal Waves Misty Waters 2019
Tidal Waves at Misty Waters 2019 (photo Small Town Music)

Now part of the Misty way of life you can choose your sleeping quarters – camping, oasis camping,
self-catering (sold out), the Green Inn (for the earth-conscious) and the Merchant
(sold out). The last mentioned are connected via a bridge to the festival grounds and it’s a beautiful walk over the water. It doesn’t matter which one you can afford because all of them are beautiful. If I
could hand an award out for best festival camping it would go to Misty Waters. With Kamp Oase (dedicated camping spots) taking top honours with its braai spots, shady trees, clean ablutions, and vibe from fellow campers. There is also general camping available but best to check out Misty Water’s website for space still available. There are also the festival’s partners for accommodation 16 Vaalriver and Riverside Guesthouse (both accommodation contact details is on the Misty Waters website).

Sunglasses crowd windowMisty Waters 2019
Misty Waters 2019 (photo Small Town Music)

And if you want to start your festival a little sooner, no problem. Catch The Misty Waters Fringe Market from 26 April and 27 April 2023 at the New Development at Lake Umuzi waterfront, Secunda. This is a free market and anyone can stroll through the stalls.

Anyone can be a part of the Misty way of life which they dubbed “Riders of the Storm this year. Get
on your ride or in your ride and travel to the small town of Secunda, Mpumalanga. Come watch the sunset with us as you sip on your favourite drink with your favourite people with your favourite music.

Come experience the Misty way of life.

To see the Misty Water full line up, information, contacts and more visit their very informative website.

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.