By Marley

You find songs that simply speaks to you. Over the years Die Heuwels Fantasties have been perfected this with their music. And “EGGO” is one of these songs, it spoke to me.

On a personal level, my father passed away due to a Covid related stroke in August 2021. Our lives stood still for the month while he was in hospital leading up to his passing. My brothers and I couldn’t see him due to Covid, although my eldest brother made a plan to do so. Driving hundreds of kilometres in doing so. I didn’t want to see him with all the pipes, machines, drips and the smell of hospital that sticks to you all day. I wanted to remember him for him. A man of the bush, who could build anything, that had a gentle hand with his grand kids.

Thus I missed so much in music including the official release of “EGGO”. However, my path with this song started before the release as Die Heuwels Fantasties posted some of the lyrics on their Instagram. And it caught my attention. I was speechless and without words when I had to write my farewell letter to my father in his memorial booklet. WTF do you say? Only I could do it. But the lyrics stirred my big sad heart:

Dis genoeg
Jy’s genoeg
Vat jou hand aan die anderkant
En as jy al weg is sal ek jou

In English it translate to say that it is enough, you are enough, take your hand on the otherside, and when you are gone, I will search for you.

I’m not going into detail of my personal relationship with my father (it was a weird, absent one at stages) but it spoke to me. But my story went as far as me asking the band if they would mind if I used that part of the lyrics as part of my good-bye, I got their blessing. Which I’m grateful for.

When I finally gather enough courage to listen to “EGGO”, I couldn’t stop. It’s been on repeat basically. There comes that song that just “speaks to you” part. EGGO is the first single off Die Heuwels Fantasties already released album “Volume”. This is a come together for two different generations of alternative Afrikaans giants – Die Heuwels Fantasties and Spoegwolf.

The harmony between Pierre Greef (DHF) and Danie du Toit (Spoegwolf) along a few other firmilar voices in between together with the sounds of piano and cello – it gets to you. Their voices mixes like a sunset in the Lowveld after a thunder storm.

So far I’ve enjoyed their new album “Volume”, even if it took me two months to do so. But it’s said you leave the best for last. I’ve always been a fan of Die Heuwels Fantasties from the first album and all the way through. I enjoy their shows, love the gents who are in the band, follow their socials. However, I always tell people who say they (the band) have lost them as fans after “Wilder as die wildtuin” that you don’t know what you are missing. You have to envolve, like everyone else and their music did as well. “Volume” is at the point in their OG fans that we can understand life, death, family and al die ander kak ook.

Get “Volume” from your favourite music platform, following them on Facebook and Instagram – you need to hear this live.

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.