By Marley

25 is a quarter of a century, remember being 25 or even turning 25? In human years it’s still a jol but not many bands can say “We have been making music for twenty-five years” unless you are WONDERboom.

The ‘WONDERbrothers’ from Johannesburg, Gauteng is showing no signs of stopping any time soon with the release of their brand new single “Prodigal Son”. Their chemistry, wit, talent and creative thoughts are of greatness that anyone can see and hear when you do find yourself in front of them.

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, the band have selected their favourite WB tracks, personally of course, and thus creating a compilation of songs which they called “WONDERboom 25”. From when they started back in the late 90’s to their latest single “Prodigal Son” it has been remastered.

WONDERboom 25 - stream it at you favourite online store
WONDERboom 25 – stream it at you favourite online store

“The privilege of being in this band, making music with these brothers is all I need to celebrate 25 years of WONDERBOOM and an album full of beautiful music to mark it.” Comments guitarist Martin Schofield

Bassist Wade Williams adds, “WONDERboom 25!!! A chronicle of our beautiful lives together. Band, Family, Fans!! What an awesome occasion to celebrate.

WONDERboom 25 is out today, Friday the 19th of November 2021, via South Africa’s leading independent label Just Music. In addition to the album, the band are working on an upcoming documentary, capturing their illustrious story named, WONDERboom: 25 To Life, directed by Ivyann Moreira-Schofield.

You can stream “WONDERboom 25” via your favourite online music site.

Watch their new single “Prodigal Son” lyric video via their YouTube channel:

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