Mozamboogy festival 2019

Mozamboogy 2019 – Octopus’s Garden

An all encapsulating adventure, starting as it should; at the beginning – the journey there through the ever-changing scenic landscapes of South Africa ….. the exploration of new places and uncharted territories for most….. being part of this fun-loving, intimate, loyal and dedicated collective – “the Boogy Followers”….. they go the distance (in so many ways) {respect}.

Imagine spending your time strolling along on a pristine white beach, exploring unparalleled ocean life (great for scuba diving), or experiencing an ocean safari (go swim with the local dolphins). Venture through the small rural village’s craft markets, local bars and restaurants, experience the local cuisine and soak up the Mozambique culture. Participate in yoga workshops on the beach, or simply take a walk, swim or do what you all do so well: DANCE TO THE RHYTHM OF GREAT PSY-TRANCE MUSIC.

A collection of carefully selected, DJ’s covering music genres such as (well most importantly) PSYTRANCE, a bit of PROG, some TECHNO, a smidgen of GLITCH, a pinch of DARK PSY, a couple of hours of CHILL, CLASSIC SKA,,,,, even allowing the “old timers” to strut their stuff during our VINYL SESSIONS hosted on the notorious “ upper deck” dance floor/bar (the most idyllic setting – overlooking the open seas of the magnificent Indian Ocean). All – in – All Mozamboogy is highly recommended for your “bucket list”, …… as we say, “it’s the Beginning of A Great Adventure”.

We hope to see you there.

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