Let There Be Techno - The Dump

Let There Be Techno – The Dump


In the beginning, there was Jack, and Jack had a groove,
And from this groove became the groove of all grooves. But then a couple of guys making electronic beats were not too happy being put into this box called “House”. So with a little intuition and creativity okes started to climb out that box and experience the dance floor from a different sound. Four German fellows then came along and took these new Sounds to a new level and declared… LET THERE BE TECHNO

Now in 2019 we celebrate these sounds from dusk till dawn, under the open night skies of Kaapscehoop.

Venue: The Dump
Date: 9 November 2019
Time: 15h30~Sunrise
Donation of any pet food or cash donation towards pet food for the SPCA

Pre-Sale: R100
Gate: R130
Camping R50 p/p

~Waide Lemos
~Fully Auto Matt Tech
~Da Nobs
~Thanks for having me!

Pre-Sale tickets available via email at zero13hogg@gmail.com.
Send an email inquiring about the pre-sale tickets and we will respond with payment details & process.

For Info contact Donovan on 082 366 7755

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