“Hey Babe” featuring Tasché, is the latest music video from his newest album, Dagdrome in Suburbia. Francois wrote this song for his wife, Lauren.

Francois tells this story: “Lauren and I hooked up in 2001. It was a wild and turbulent time, but she stuck it out with me. We stuck it out with each other and it worked out.  I’ve only written a few love songs, but all of them are for her. Thanks for being my biggest supporter and critic.”

“Hey Babe” is the new Afrikaans love song that I’m sure will fill wedding halls, relationship videos and more pretty soon if not already. Some might criticize Van Coke for not singing as the rocker we all know and love but even big cats purr. Tasché’s young voice brings the love elements out in the song for me and I’m sure we will watch her grow up in the industry as much as Van Coke did.

“Hey Babe” music video is really your typical love story being played out. Here is the video for “Hey Babe” by Francois van Coke featuring Tasché

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