By Marley

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia but with deep South African roots, Small Town Music wants to introduce to you to August River Band. This is their brand new single “Blue Light”.

August River Band consists of Eev Ardo (vocals and guitar), Lil Burrows (violin) and Gerard Kerr (drums). Lowvelders might recognise Eev Ardo as Ewald Ferreira, who is a singer-songwriter from the area. He had emigrated to Australia in 2014 and have establish a band with new music. I chatted to Eev via telephone as he sat at home one evening in Australia. We spoke about the fires of Australia, the music industry and more. But I wanted to know more about the video and song of “Blue Light”.

Eev is as always very soul deep with his answers “People are making gods out of their devices. You see parents regularly on their phones, with their kids around them. Couples are on their phones the whole time instead of spending quality time with each other. The song is about reaching out to your partner to see you past their device.”

“We tend to lose ourselves in the blue line. We made that choice but we need to look up from the blue screen and start connecting again with the people around us. Let love and friendship happen”

The lyrics of “Blue Light” is quite unique like the man itself who wrote it. “The first lyric in the song was inspired by a local barista where I usually get my coffee from time to time. She is from Estonia, Europe and is drop dead beautiful but oh so angry. Every time I tried to interact with her, I felt disconnected to her.”

I wanna kiss those wide eyes
And push you off the plane
You ain’t doing so well
Hiding your pain

“Blue Light” by August River Band

Eev continues by saying “That is my general feeling about the world. Feeling so disconnected from it. We are in constant communication with each other but we are disconnected”

The music video for “Blue Light” was directed by Reese Lowe and put together by The Hype Project. The last place you think a music video should be made at – a bus stop. But it showcases the lyrics and the meaning behind it, the intimate relationship human beings have with their devices.

Look up form the blue light
Let me see you again
Life is burning up
Let me breathe your eyes again

Blue Light – August River Band

I’m begging you please darling
hate me for who I really am
rather that worship
this shiny avatar on Instagram

Blue Light – August River Band

Many South Africans are in Australia but not many of them are making music or the kind of music as what this trio is doing. Check out August River Band on Facebook.

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.