By Vanessa

STRAB has been on my bucket list of festivals to attend since its inception. Each year came and went, and attached to it, my absence and a list of excuses of why I couldn’t make it. This year, however, I decided this it. I’m not getting any younger, the gap is there, I don’t have an excuse not to go. Alas, tickets were already sold out by the time I went online to book and pay for mine.

I managed to jump onto the waitlist and I was listed as number 25. I checked each and every day to see if there was any progress. Did I move to single numbers yet? It took a while, and I never saw my name move up the ladder at all. Then one day, I received an email to say my tickets are available for purchase. So, without any further adieu, they were in the basket and plans were starting to take shape for an event that is slowly becoming one of Southern Africa’s top events to attend.

Ponta Malogane Mozambique - photo by Small Town Music Blog
Shopping in Ponta Malogane, Mozambique
(photo by Small Town Music Blog)

Now… I am a big music lover. I love live music. I love the sea. I love the heat. I love beach sand. I love happy faces. I love camping. I love Tipo Tinto and 2M. I love talent. What better bucket list item is there for a girl like me?

STRAB (The Subterranean Rhythm and Blues Festival) was started in 2003 by scuba divers who celebrated a big birthday bash and added some live music for flavour. The event was so vibey and successful, that they decided to do an annual event open to the public. And here we are: 15 years later and bigger than ever!

Okay, so my list of things to pack is ready. The dust has been wiped from my tent. My blow-up mattress has no punctures. My headlamp’s batteries have been changed. My mozzie repellent has been stocked. But most importantly, I have my dancing tekkies, my sun hat and my blissful attitude that will most probably be the most important thing I need to bring along.

The deck stage at STRAB Mozambique - photo by Small Town Music Blog
The Deck is where you want to be
(photo by Small Town Music Blog)

This year, we’re in for great surprises. We will be able to boogie to The Black Cat BonesThe Jonathan Peyper TrioJack HammerAnton GoosenThe Oh So Serious,  AkkedisCrimson HouseTidal Waves to name but a few. When I was younger, I called myself a ‘groupie’. Not because I had random sexual encounters with band members, but because I followed them around to watch them perform. Now that I’m older, I’m a proper, sophisticated fan. Camping in style, on the beach, R&R in hand, enjoying the incredible talent our country has to offer.

Andra performing at STRAB 2016 -
photo by Small Town Music Blog
Andra performing at STRAB 2016
(photo by Small Town Music Blog)

I’ve been following posts on the STRAB Facebook page ever since my tickets were confirmed and if you’re still keen on attending, do go and “like” the page to view the discussion. There are plenty of tickets going around at the moment.

I am so chuffed and beyond excited that I will make STRAB this year! Do look out for my follow up article when I get back (all tanned, happy, music-filled and content).

Now, where did I put my passport?

Andra performing at STRAB 2016 -
photo by Small Town Music Blog
Basson Laubscher
(photo by Small Town Music)

Editor’s note: Piet Botha will not be able to perform at STRAB this year due to a back injury. He fell from a small stage at a gig earlier this month and had undergone a successful back ope. Jack Hammer will still play on according to the STRAB Facebook page. We hope Piet makes a full recovery and we are sending our thoughts to him.

Vanessa is a hippy/gypsy/traveller of the world. A single mom who loves all things music and a complete festival junkie