By Marley

You either celebrate Halloween or you don’t. You are either going to dress up as someone or something is some cases or you are going as yourself. Which is perfect as well.

Every year I do dress up for Halloween, I love it. This year I was a lazy ghost. I took a white shirt, scribble on it. Dressed in my black skirt, sneakers, and white face paint I headed out of the door. Off like Alice in Wonderland, in this case, “the town of Halloween”.

Nick Hamman of 5FM and the team behind Nelspruit Night Life
(photo by Small Town Music)
Nick Hamman of 5FM and the team behind Nelspruit Night Life
(photo by Small Town Music)

Halloween in Nelsparta was again a busy one but not as spooky as one expected. Well, maybe to those who dressed up as Harley Quinn. Anyway, we kicked off our Halloween party at The Pub where our good mates, After Robot and Mike Average. I did however quickly sneak off to Jock Pub and Grill to see what is going down with Nick Hamman of 5FM. It wasn’t really advertised as a dress-up party so many people looked at us like we were high. Oh well, don’t care, I had fun. Nick is a killer on the decks as well as electronic drums and I must add he use to be a punk rock drummer. If he is in town again, make sure to check him out as well.

Some Halloween peeps at Jock Pub and Grill, all photos by Small Town Music;

Exclusive Pictures of The Pub crawlers by Momento Photography;

We got back to The Pub to see After Robot in their Ghost Busters suites. It was sweaty hot but they got in them and performed their version of “Ghost Busters”. The band just released their brand new album “Howzit Pal” and this was the reason for their visit. I loved the new music as well and with a new drummer behind the kit, they are at it where they left off at STRAB. The Pub crawlers really took out the big guns for a dress-up. The After Robot couple took the best prize for the best-dressed couple. Harley Quinn who really had me look twice took the best female. The best male, however, escaped me, maybe he was the invisible man. I’ve never seen so many men wear makeup. There were a few Jokers (both Ledger and Leto inspiration), Rocky Horror Show, a beach bum, a Freddy Kruger, a couple of painted skulls and witches. It was all good fun and the party was rocking harder than the “Thriller” album from Micheal Jackson.

After this crazy party, it was off to Rangos. Yes, the shock and horror but Rangos are under new ownership. I was actually scared as we drove down the R40 to the venue. I didn’t know what to expect! But my friend, Renee, assured me – it’s all good. We walked into the venue that was made out so many times as the evil, windsurfing dancing, place. What we found was a place completely made out of costumes of Halloween. Amazing decor for the holiday! Then the strangest thing of all, I bumped into one of my first bartender friends, Clayton! We go back almost 12 years and it was amazing to see him again. One shooter later…

Rangos has the potential of a venue but in my own personal opinion, I wasn’t impressed with the DJ. Playing electronic music is very touch and go and maybe I was just spoiled the last few years hearing some of the best guys in the business. The music was very offsetting and I was told that the minute a radio hit or commercial song came on, the people took to the windsurfing dancing. It was a true mix of things but After Robot joined in and it was an after party. I’m not sure when or where we decided to go home but it was during an unholy hour.

All in all Halloween this year was such an upgrade from last year. Last year we were the only 2 people of 15 who watched Lara Gear, Feed The Wolf and Taxi Violence at Jock. From what I hear in the mountains of Graskop they too had a kief time this Halloween weekend.

A big thank you to The Pub for the lekker time. And to Momento Photography for the exclusive pictures of the Pub Crawlers!

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.