By Marley

The first weekend of October 2016 really started off with a bang. Inform of much-needed rain that fell over the course of the weekend. But also the local venue, Jock Pub and Grill had a weekend of beer, live music, memories and of course friends.

I personally have full respect for DJ’s, I admire how they can mix and create a vibe for people on the dance floor. Even if the music does drive me crazy I can also stand back and enjoy what I’m seeing. That being said I can continue with this post. On Friday evening we stumbled upon the Jocktober Fest at Jock Pub & Grill where a pop-up craft beer bar near the entrance was created. There were popular names like Jack Black, Iron Maiden (yes the band), Sabie Brewing Company, Faxe and so much more. In between enjoying a drink with our friends this band gets up on stage. The Rum Swinger has a new fan, this band who is based in Cape Town was here for the first time. They have been together for quite a few years and they tour places like Thailand. Truly reminded me of our last night at STRAB this year, the same vibe.

Roger Goode live at Jock in Mbombela - photo by Small Town Music Blog
Roger doing what he loves
(photo by Small Town Music)

The next evening I didn’t really plan so it was me and my Avontoer T-Shirt that head out to mingle with youngsters. I say this with all the love because you must be young at heart as well despite your age. One of SA’s biggest names in dance, Roger Goode was heading to the decks later on. Ok, let me tell you a bit about Mr Goode. He kicked off his DJ career with a massive hit called “To Move You“. This song went everywhere! Then in 2002, he joined 5FM when Derick ‘The Bandit’ was still on the air. Saturday Surgery became one of the biggest shows over the weekend on 5FM. Eventually, Roger moved to the afternoon drive slot and along with his team (what does tannie Mariekie look like?) have us by the ears. Roger has played at some of the biggest parties, a collab with fellow DJ’s like Ryan Dent, he is originally from Cape Town and he loves Star Wars.

I think I wasn’t prepared for Roger as he is the sweetest guy and he is very humble. Many people don’t like him simply because he is a DJ. He is still an artist. That’s how I handle it. Anyway, I watch the crowd as they heard his mixing and they go apeshit. Many were probably enjoying the Omega Tequila to really realise who or what in their faces. But like a true professional Roger got the dance floor on fire. 

Back to the dance floor…

Roger had the kids begging for more and he gave it. I could understand their energy but mine was draining. And as the rocker in me always screamed to hear some rock music at these type of events, I was happy to report that the music got me to boogy as well. Yes, I will confess. I’m a fan now. Not only of his radio show but of his amazing, kick ass, tunes.

Roger Goode live at Jock in Mbombela - photo by Small Town Music Blog
Roger Goode
(photo by Small Town Music)

Much later we ended up having a beer and shot at the bar with Roger. At the beginning of the evening I did sum him up differently but now I can say, what a cool guy. Almost like the guy we hear on the radio. Another lesson from an unexpected source. And as the night faded away we partied the night away.

So next time you switch on your radio between 16:00 – 19:00 pm on weekdays, make sure to listen to the Roger Goode Show on 5FM. I’ve learnt again not to judge a book by just looking at its cover. You need to read the actual pages to enjoy it or close it and move on.

All in all October kicked off Goode!

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.