By Marley

If you are one of the lucky ones that are either 1) on your way already to the beaches of Ponta Malongane, Mozambique or 2) halfway packed to get there then this is a last-minute post just for you. Although this will be my 3rd STRAB only I can tell you what you will need in your kit in order to have the best possible experience. Because that is what STRAB is – an experience.

1) Take Cash!

Besides the obvious like a tent, passport, food, ticket and clothes (optional I suppose if you like living in 4 day old jeans) you have to take cash with. If you can, withdrawal at your home town/city ATM. Because I have seen the Kosibay Engen garage ATM run out of money. Try to not to have

R 200 notes. We all know you didn’t print a couple of fake ones (or did you?) but it will make your life a lot easier. Also change like R 10’s, R 20’s and R 50’s notes helps as well.

2) Pack a blanket

Listen we all know in the past STRAB has been warm. But remember our weather pattern took a dramatic change 2015/2016 with droughts and zero rain. I live in Nelsparta which is a 3-hour drive from the Mozambique coast. It’s really cold here at night, maybe not highveld cold but if your cat is sleeping under the covers with you then you know. Take a blanket for those late nights after the acoustic stage parties.

The legendary Mozambican drink - R&R - photo by Small Town Music
The legendary Mozambiqcan drink – R&R
(photo by Small Town Music)

3) Take water

The drinking water over there is all good especially if you have a kettle or water cleansing pills. Best to buy some water to drink or take water from your home. I know some Spar shops offer free filter water facilities (in Nelspruit there is Westend Spar offering it), just bring your own bottle. Keeping hydrated during any event is very important and we all know at some stage the R & R’s will make your mouth drier than the Karoo. And you don’t want a sore tummy due to bad water…

4) Food

Everyone has their own preference when comes to taking food to STRAB. If you did book to chow at the restaurant then skip this part. I heard a little birdie whisper in my ear that Braaiboy will be there with the fires ready. If you do take meat that it is vacuum packed, your local butcher will help you there. If all else fails a gas braai will do. Just remember that any fresh products like veggies, fruits and meat will have to be eaten or given away before you exit the boarder again on Sunday.

5) Street safe

No one wants their shit being stolen at a festival, it’s kak. It is blamed sometimes on outsiders or junkies at a festival. All I’m saying is don’t take your diamond engagement ring to the festival. Only wear the jewellery you wouldn’t mind swimming in the ocean with. Make sure your cellphone is out of sight or locked away in your car (or a friend’s if you are taking the boarder transfer). It helps to hire a designated STRAB helper but just be street smart at a festival. You are on holiday and we tend to drop our guard.

The colourful bars of Ponta Malongane - photo by Small Town Music
The colourful bars of Ponta Malongane
(photo by Small Town Music)

Other tips like don’t be a doos, be lekker. Take anti-bug stuff just to be safe, no sex on the beach is allowed and of course your wonderful smile to go with it. STRAB is just one of those places that makes you feel that you are in paradise.

The STRAB Deck view - photo by SmallTown Music
The STRAB Deck view never gets old
(photo by Small Town Music)

If you have more tips you want to share then please share them on our Facebook page or on our Twitter feed by using @STMFan and #STRAB16. Our group is leaving on different days of the week and already reports have been coming through of a beautiful beach waiting. There were reports on Jozini residents that placed rocks on the road but keep your eyes peeled on STRAB’s Facebook page for updated info.

Till then here is Piet Botha’s beautiful song “Mozambique”

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.