By Marley

It doesn’t take a lot for a true musician to learn to play their instrument of choice or to scribble down a few words and with a little sweat it turns out to be a song to remember. John Rzenznik of the Goo Goo Dolls wrote their Grammy-nominated song “Iris” in the preview of the City of Angels movie. By the time he got to the movie sound supervisor, he could play him the 4 cords of the song that gave them world fame…yip it can happen.

However you are not sitting in Hollywood, London or Sydney neither are you playing at Oppikoppi, Splashy Fen or Up The Creek. You and your guitar are still stuck in your parents (or friend’s) garage. You feel that there is just no break for you out there, hell even your fellow band members are struggling to get more than 100 people at your show and yet your grandmother is your only roadie.

Change that this year! But you got to move your ass if you want to enter this competition so pay attention! Innibos Laeveld Nasionale Kunstefees here in Nelsparta in Mpumalanga is hosting for the first time ever the Innibos Rock Rumoer. This is the chance for bands to earn the honour to be the Innibos-rocker and bands from all over the country are invited to enter this competition. The 10 finalists will have the opportunity to perform at Innibos. The competition will take place on Wednesday 29 June 2016 at the MK Rock Stage at the festival itself.

Excited yet? This is how you enter!

Submit your entry form (download it here) along with a video clip and sound clips for two additional songs (MP3’s only) for the band before 29 February 2016 to NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Like all things in this grown up world there are rules so make sure your band follow them:

  • The competition is only open to persons over the age of 18 years.
  • The band must consist of between three and six members.
  • Established bands or bands that already have CD contracts may not participate. Preference will be given to brand new bands.
  • Only one entry per band and/or band member.
  • Innibos will provide sound and lighting. The 10 finalists will be required to provide a full technical rider.
  • A formal contract will be provided for each of the 10 finalists.
Innibos Rock Rumoer competition 2016

If that is not a start to the New Year then I don’t know what will be! You and your band can play at one of the biggest festivals in the country. And why not rub shoulders with your South African muso heroes like Francois, Karen, Hunter, Pierre, Kobus, Adele, Albert and more? Go to Innibos’s website for more information and get your sound recorded.

Are you still reading this? Go! Go! Go! Be then next rock star we want to see and hear!

Here is a little inspiration for everyone;

Van Coke Kartel – Vir Almal
Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.