Zebra live at Cafe Rock and Throttle Nelspruit

Zebra live at Cafe Rock and Throttle Nelspruit

Is it black with white stripes? Or is it white with black stripes?
Is it music with comedy? Or comedy with music?
Lets just call it entertainment!

Zebra is a band certainly that is unforgettable once you have seen them live on stage. The 4 zebras from Gauteng will be visiting Cafe Rock and Throttle in Nelspruit, to rock the stripes off your undies.

Entrance is FREE – when last did you hear of free entrance? More reason to support the band and the venue.

Graskop based band, The Uninvited Guests will be opening for Zebra, even MORE reason to come for a beer or five.

For more information, you can call Cafe Rock and Throttle on 071 886 0970

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