Mieliepop Festival 2023

Mieliepop Festival 2023

Mieliepop is another amazing music festival that takes place in Mpumalanga.

Mieliepop is a much loved festival, filled with music, good food stalls, good people and friends for life. Situated just outside of the small town of Lothair (look near Ermelo on the map) on a beautiful venue called Tolderia Resorts. Camping friendly, party friendly and above beautiful.

Mieliepop offers a laid-back 3-day musical festival experience on 4 different stages, at a one-of-a-kind venue complete with lakes, swimming pools, caves, green lawns, luxurious ablutions facilities and beautiful, friendly festival-goers. There is Maizey Stray for glamping and camping for those your prefer tent life.

Ticket price:
Early Bird: R745 limited to the first 100 (excluding booking fees)
Online: R895 (excluding booking fees)
Ticket & registration link: www.mieliepopfestival.co.za

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