21 years later and Fokofpolisiekar is showing no signs of slowing down.

At the end of 2023, they released their 5th full length album, Dans Deur Die Donker, plus the much-anticipated lyric book titled Fokofpolisiekar {Woorde 2003 – 2023}, containing all their paradigm-shifting lyrics.

Early in 2025 they are set to open for Green Day and The Offspring at the Calabash concerts, but before then they will play shows in the United Arab Emirates (in May) and The Netherlands and Ireland (in July). They are also heading to Nelsprata for Woofstock 2024 on 31 August 2024 at Mustangs.

Now Fokofpolisiekar is back with a new music video and a vinyl version of “Dans Deur Die Donker” (that glows in the dark by the way).

Die Goue Ou Dae is a firm crowd favourite from the Dans Deur Die Donker album. Hunter Kennedy previously said this about the song: “I wanted to highlight the cognitive bias of people who long for the ‘old’ South Africa.”

A live performance music video (think the Komma music video) for this song was filmed at Fokofpolisiekar’s performance at the Kirstenbosch Summer Concert on 10 March earlier this year. The music video was directed by band member, Jaco Snakehead Venter.

“Julle het kerk geskip om hier te kon wees” – overheard in the opening of the video. It’s Fokof and as per usual it’s the best. I love this band, their lyrics are part of my DNA imprint (amongst a lot of other lyrics) and the video just brings the video of the song. And who doesn’t want to see the band at Kirstenbosch Gardens? It’s one of the most beautiful venues possible besides our botanical gardens of course.

“Goeie ou dae” is one of the tracks I feel people of our *clear throat* 40 somethings will get and understand better than lets say the average 20-year-old. However, we as people, will always find a connection in a song or lyric no matter our age or background.

Watch Die Goeie Ou Dae:

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