By Marley

Ever since Francois van Coke released his latest studio album “Kanniedood”, it has been a firm fan fact that the song “Hartseer Freaks” is a favourite. Featuring fellow FOPK band member, Hunter Kennedy, the music video was just released and we had a peek.

The video was made by Fokofpolisiekar bandmate, Jaco S. Venter as well as Heinrich Laubscher. The most outstanding part, besides the music, is the pink bunny, which takes it to levels higher than piek hasie melk. Like most of the videos we have seen in the past from FOPK, Van Coke and others, there is a certain trend – suburbs, a bit wired, a bit odd things (Pink bunny running around with a cross), parkies – that we don’t mind seeing the interpretation of Venter and Laubscher of “Hartseer Freaks”.

Screen grab of Hartseer Freaks by Francois van Coke and Hunter Kennedy

Hunter Kennedy thinks the video is “funny and moving. It was great to return to our punk roots with Francois, Johnny, Snake and Heinrich. DIY vibes. We had a mysterious benefactor so we had some budget. I like the energy and the message. Party with a conscience!”

Screen grab from the video Hartseer Freaks by Francois van Coke and Hunter Kennedy

Fokofpolisiekar bandmates Hunter Kennedy and Johnny de Ridder wrote “Hartseer Freaks” with Francois plus de Ridder features in the video playing the guitar, watch out for the bunny playing the drums, that’s a skill.

“Hunter and I have been writing songs together since we were teenagers and something special always happens when we are working on a song. It sounds like something different… not like him or me,” says Francois. What I love about the song it’s really returning back to the rock that we grew up to love from Van Coke and Kennedy. This song reflects, to the generation of misfits that I suppose will always be misfits, “This song is for people who feel that they don’t really fit in.” says Francois van Coke.

We suggest you watch “Hartseer Freaks”

Hartseer Freaks by Francois van Coke and Hunter Kennedy
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