By Marley

“When the music is good, you feel it” – by getting goosebumps and waiting to listen to the song over and over again. Ladies and gents, please let me introduce to you Emma van Heyn and her brilliant new single “Looking For Amanda”.

Emma took a sticky toffee situation with a teenage stalker and a fan suggestion into a full-blown challenge. Sitting in her hotel room in Shanghai, she was approached by a fan, Moses Martinez from the USA to write a song with him. All he had was the guitar riff, concept and he added another challenge to the song;

“Moses requested three things from me: To have a female name in the title; the landscape should be of the seaside; the narrative should be about a man that really wants to be with a woman, but her heart lies with someone else”, says Emma about Looking for Amanda. Challenge accepted.

Emma adds “Why not make the man a creepy predator?” Indeed, lady, I think this song should be played everywhere including space.

Emma van Heyn - Photo by: Allister Christie
Emma van Heyn
(Photo by: Allister Christie)

Emma has performed as a guest artist at the kykNET Fiësta’s in 2020 and in the same breath, her one-woman show “Met Slenterslag na Shanghai” was nominated as best newcomer. The theatre piece is an autobiography. You can catch this production at Die Boer on 03 November and tickets are now available.

“Looking For Amanda” sound is to be a dark horse – a bit of Billie Eilsh, a bit of Dua Lipa and a bit of Lana Del Ray. Follow Emma on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Emma van Heyn’s website, Stream on Deezer, Spotify and YouTube Music.

Looking for Amanda by
Emma van Heyn
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