Scenes from the "Fetch Me" EP release photoshoot by Kubili Media House.
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos – Kubili Media House

Jolling: (verb): have a good time; celebrate in a lively way.

The Main Joller with killer bangs.
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos - Kubili Media house
The Main Joller with killer bangs.
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos – Kubili Media house

If you Google a synonym for the word ‘tiny’, many words will come up, such as miniature, microscopic, petite. However, choosing an appropriate synonym to describe Jolene East, Google dispensed – along with these other cute words – the word ‘fun-sized’. Now that is the perfect word to describe a woman with a small physique but a personality that lights up a room.

When I first met Jolene, I was mesmerised by her littleness. Her little voice, her little body, her little giggles. But as I got to know her well, I realised she has a larger-than-life spirit: bold and extrovert, with a large dose of kindness, a dash of fairy and talent beyond measure. Jolene soon became a close friend and throughout our friendship, she has shown passion, resilience and a relentless lust for life. She visited me in Nelspruit for a debauched girl’s weekend a few years ago and we visited the pub at Lakeside. She had no qualms about seating her little behind on the bar counter with her ukelele to sing for the crowd and surge just about every boertjie’s blood pressure (relax, Steve. I speak fluent bodyguard). She even sang a song for a couple who got engaged that day at the venue, leaving an iconic sparkling speckle in her wake. And of course a trail of “who was that lovely girl?” whispers around town.

Jolene East - Jolling. Photo provided by artist
Jolene East
Photo: Jolling (photo provided by artist)

The concept of Jolling came to Jolene when she began playing shows as a solo ukulele act. Along with her previous bands, The Mitten Fits and The Honeymooners Band, Jolling has been lucky enough to play at renowned venues and festivals, including STRAB, The Good Luck Bar in Jozi, legendary live music venue Radium Beer Hall and many more.

As her Facebook page says:

Jolene’s collection of original songs included some she felt would be more suitable for her own solo project. Songs were written from her heart to your ears. Music has always played a huge role in her life and she has been fortunate enough to have had a life filled with good music … oh and of course the Jols! Hence the name Jolling.

Daar's altyd tyd vir partytjie. Altyd. Photo provided by the artist
Daar’s altyd tyd vir partytjie. Altyd.
Photo provided by the artist

Jolling’s sound is very much her own as you will soon be able to hear from her upcoming 5-track EP, titled “Fetch Me“, soon to be released worldwide on all online platforms through Just Music. Our Jolene’tjie has managed to adult BIG time while remaining untainted, humble, ‘fun-sized’ and just about the best damn sister any friend could have. The amount of ‘trots’ we have in our hearts right now. Sheesh, they grow up so fast!

“I would describe it as folkin’ happy uke sounding,” muses Jolling. “But I doubt you’d find that music section! I had written some original tracks that touch on drug abuse, being in love, being out of love, being happy, being sad, being disappointed and finding that big love.”

“I have had a wonderful process through the past few years working on my own stuff with muso friends popping in here and there to help with the EP, to add and collaborate to create the sound of Jolling.”

Joelene East
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos -  Kubili Media House
Playing dress up. Always a favourite.
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos – Kubili Media House

Recorded at The Bass Station with the amazing Barry Berk, mixed and mastered by the master mixer Matthew Fink. Jolene dragged the following cats into the mix. The superlatives: Dave Stevens (The Mitten Fits), Bradley Wooldridge (Crystal Park), Steve East (Crystal Park), Hugo Veldsman (Hugo Veldsman Trio), Luca Lorenzo Stadler, Michael Eichbaum.

“Jolene released an EP during a pandemic”, I hear myself say and I smile like a Cheshire cat (because proud friend, mos) which is more than most, but more importantly, you kept smiling throughout it all, shook your head like most of us and released an EP.

Jolling would love it SO if you are able to join her and those darling superlatives as mentioned on Saturday, 7 August 2021 for a special EP RELEASE PARTY for Jolling’s upcoming debut 5-track EP “Fetch Me”. Follow the jol details on social media and be sure to book your ticket asap!

Jolling - Jolene East EP release of Fetch Me release date poster. Provided by Jolene East
The new EP release “Fetch Me” by Jolene East

I’m telling you, Jolene is so excited that right now she sounds like she’s speaking fluent “WhatsApp 1.5x “. Yah. Just think about that one for a moment…

This lekker jol will be hosted at the awesome Tweefontein Melkery from 2 pm where friends can hang out in the wide open outside garden area at one of South Africa’s most unique and exciting live music venues.

Bring your own cooler boxes, picnic baskets, pillows and blankets and bask in the August sunshine while enjoying a live performance from Jolling and her backing band, playing the songs from the upcoming EP as well as songs that have inspired her journey. This is gonna be very kinda special, guys!

TICKETS are limited to only 50 people! If restrictions are lifted enough before the time, more tickets will be made available.

Jolene East - Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos - Kubili Media House
Man! You light up a room, you!
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos – Kubili Media House

Okay, let’s have a quick word about this song!

Jolene! Jy sing so mooi. This is an absolutely beautiful song. We are so happy to have this our my playlist. We are so happy you did this and you deserve just about every Tequila any happy hour can spare. The video is stunning, your song is beautiful and you did something cool while the world was – and still is – suffering from a broken heart. Small Town Music and just about every human out there who has met you, is super proud of you!

Jolene East with friends at a dress up party. Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos van Kubili Media house
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos van Kubili Media house

Jolling did a thing. You should too:

Check out the pre-save link and add the EP to your streaming platform now! It’s only one 1 day to go! By pre-saving the link, the album will automatically be added to your library on the 30th of July, then you just need to hop onto your preferred streaming platform and give that EP a Spin! Pre-save RIGHT NOW! You do understand that thing about algorithms and music platforms, right? Let’s help our ProudlySA music in any which way or shape or form we can. It’s just a click or a tap away. This is how we can start to be the change we wish to see.

Support South African Music!

Follow Jolling here, there and everywhere and be sure not to miss out on any future gigs, releases, new stuff or just some good blerrie news!

Jolene East - Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos van Kubili Media house
Photo: Christopher Jose Dos Santos – Kubili Media house

And now. Now that you’ve pre-saved the song and you’ve booked your ticket to jol… sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

Watch Jolling – Fetch Me video
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