By Marley

One thing is for sure about the Lowvelders, they love their animals and they love to help their community. So on Saturday 16 November 2019 at Friends Café that is set just past Montana nursery on the Kaapsehoop road, the community came together to do one thing – raise funds and food for the Nelspruit SPCA branch.

Welcome to the SPCA Fun Day 2019 - Small Town Music
Welcome to the SPCA Fun Day 2019
(photo by Small Town Music)

The event was the brainchild of SPCA committee member, Marg Adams, who is a huge animal lover. Together with Friends Café, they brought us the beautiful, family friendly vibe we experienced on the day. The stalls were all very different and very interesting. From flavoured candy floss to the best homemade ginger beer, handmade teddies, homemade sauces and marmalade with whisky (was delicious) to luggage being sold. Every stall also had the R5 board of the SPCA. An R5 coin fits perfectly in the circle. Look out for the boards in your local vet shop and others.

Music, of course, brings the people together and a few Lowveld bands agreed to give up their time, music and services for free all in aid for the SPCA Fun Day. Elements are almost new to the scene and they kicked off the morning with covers from pretty much every band out there. Kids were running around, playing at Gladde Spruit that runs past the venue. Dogs with their guardians were making new friends or going for a swim.

Elements, the band - photo by Small Town Music
Elements, the band
(photo by Small Town Music)

I got to meet the sweet pups, Rex and Lex, two Pitbull puppies from Suzanne and her kids. Suzanne is from Zimbabwe and her love for her dogs shines through. While I stood with Small Town Music’s mascot, Astrid, on the shore we saw a snake. Swimming along and then diving down, only to pop up a few meters further down. It was a beautiful, hot day in the Lowveld so even the snakes had to cool down.

Unfortunately, Andrew and Steve couldn’t perform as Andrew’s voice has taken a holiday. He was there however with his beautiful wife and kids, supporting the stalls and of course the SPCA. During the early afternoon, an auction was held to help raise funds for the SPCA. And people bought pet food! It was amazing to see the small pile grow and grow. Anything from kitten food to hooves for the dogs to chew on to big bags of dog food. Our Lowvelders hearts were wide open!

Brian Wilkinson - photo by Small Town Music
Brian Wilkinson
(photo by Small Town Music)

Brian Wilkinson gave a great performance as his own kids supported him by dancing in front of him. Up next was The Jonathan Peyper Blues Band which is always lovely to see and hear. Jonathan’s wife, who is crazy about dogs, had an awe time with the Pitbull puppies and a small Chit-Su pup named Fudge. Astrid of course, who has her human guardians always near her, enjoyed the late afternoon with the music travelling through the bushes of the river shore.

At the end of the day, R6 500 was raised for the SPCA Nelspruit branch which is much needed and is fantastic. Food for days. Marg told Small Town Music that week, the SPCA was on their last bag of dog food. Never mind cat food. The Pub has a monthly quiz night and it’s in aid for the SPCA. They managed to raise over R2 000 and bought them food. On 09 November, Billy, one of the most colourful people we know, held his birthday party at The Dump. He asked people to bring pet food and every single person brought pet food. In one week the SPCA Nelspruit received much needed donations. Remember you can sign a debit order of a mere R50 to go off towards the SPCA.

In the past, I have adopted both cats and dogs from the SPCA Nelspruit and they were the best pets I could ever ask for. The staff from SPCA Nelspruit loves animals to their soul and it doesn’t matter if it’s a pig or a budgie, they’ll make space for them. Our Lowvelders have proofed that we love animals and we believe in the SPCA’s work. Through music, sunshine and cold drinks we managed to help the SPCA once again. Remember they need food, toys, petrol (for call outs), blankets, kitty litter, bunny pellets and any fresh produce for their animals in their care. Adopt your next best friend from them, for what you pay in adoption fees are more worth than gold in the love that you’ll receive in love back.

All in all the SPCA Fun Day 2019 was a huge success and it was an awesome event to attend. Remember to follow the SPCA Nelspruit Facebook page for any upcoming events, adoptions (yes they have a pig up for adoption) and their banking details for donations. Also, check out their charity shop that is located on their premises in Nelspruit. Books galore!

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.