By Marley

It’s that time again for one of the biggest arts and music festivals in South Africa, Innibos Nasionale Kunste Fees. Whether or not you have been to Innibos or whether it’s your first time, you might become a bit overwhelmed by everything.

The wonderful smell of the food stalls and fresh coffee permeate the festival fields, whilst the happy screams and laughs from the fairground create a joyous atmosphere of excitement and pleasure. I, personally, am always on the lookout for a place to charge my phone (power bank station) or to draw some cash – you know, basic stuff. I got the chance to ask the cool people of Innibos the in’s and out’s of the main festival terrain.

First and foremost – leave your pets at home. This includes puppies, kittens, parrots, reptiles, monkeys, dogs and cats. No pet crocodiles, budgies and hamsters either. It’s safer for them in their own environment than anywhere else – unless your dog is a guide/service dog. Get a pet sitter if you are worried about the new puppy at home. It is a cruelty to your animal bringing them to Innibos. Here at Small Town Music, we are all huge animal lovers but we love them enough to know: it’s a human-only party.

No pets allowed at Innibos 2019
No pets are allowed at Innibos!

Charge Me Up – did you know that there are charging stations on the main festival terrain? I didn’t until the cool people of Innibos told me. You can find stations at the following places:
 The kykNET NOU! Rock stage
 The Belgravia Oasis (Oases)
 Bosmall Piazza

This is recommended if you have an emergency, but please remember – be careful. Remember to retrieve your device after you have charged it up.

Charging stations at Innibos 2019
Charge Me Up

WiFi – look, this is Innibos and it is massive BUT WiFi is unfortunately not available (for now). However, if you are looking to buy additional data or airtime you can always visit Sonpark Spar or the BP Garage situated right across the main festival terrain. Parents, please make sure your kids have enough airtime and data to contact you in any case or form.

No WiFi available at Innibos 2019
No WiFi at Innibos

Lost & Found – have you lost your car keys or have you picked up someone else’s? The lost and found is situated at the Innibos office behind the pavilion on the main festival terrain. Always start there when losing anything such as jackets, kids, shoes – just not your partner.

Lost and Found at Innibos 2019
Lost and Found Innibos

Merch – artists, bands, solos: can I have your attention, please! SELL MERCHANDISE. Whether it’s a USB with your music on or a t-shirt, have it on you. Make sure you have because that’s why people are sitting down watching your show. Or screaming the songs back to you. Stickers, patches, t-shirts, caps, socks, dog jerseys…if it has your name on it bring it. Each stage has a merch stand where the artists sell their CD’s, etc. We love doing some band shirt shopping, so get your gear ready.

Heads up people, card machines are not always available so have cash on hand.

ATM’s – cash will always be royalty. From the fairgrounds to the Bosmall to the bar to the food stand. You can get cash on site near the following points:
 Middle of the main field by the beer tents and main stage
 The Kunspark (Art park)

Better yet, cash can be drawn outside the terrain at spots such as Sonpark where FNB, Standard Bank and ABSA ATM’s are available. Crossings Centre also sports a few ATMs including Capitec and Nedbank. If you are using the ‘stop en hop’ (park and go) at Ilanga Mall you can get cash in the mall itself.

Calling 911 – accidents happen, you take a tumble, you might miss a stair or get stung by a bee. The awesome people from Van Heerden’s pharmacy tent can help you out. You can also donate blood right next door at the SANBS tent. They are situated in “Petticoat Lane” near the Bergvlam snoepie (tuckshop).

Van Heerden Pharmacy tent Innibos 2019
Van Heerden Pharmacy Tent

I asked what the highlights will be from all the amazing productions, shows, music and art that people can expect on the main festival terrain. And we are excited to share that there will be a dance floor in front of the main Innibos stage to lang arm on. There will not be a Golden Circle on Wednesday, but rather a place to dance to the good music lined-up.

Huisgenoot Super Sokkie features Kurt Darren, Die Campbells, Snotkop, Jay, Lianie May and many more. I know some teens are probably rolling their eyes already – but do not worry, because you have detention and you will want to be there! Yes, this is at the kykNET NOU! Rock stage which will be a strictly no smoking and no alcohol zone on Wednesday evening. We think it’s pretty kief (cool) ’cause smoking is bad for you anyway. From 18:00 till late featuring DJ Bravo Dee, Jan Bloukaas, Straatligkinders and DJ Dean.

If you thought we are going to tell you to come to the rock shows, you know by now you don’t need a second invitation. We encourage you! Find the line-up online via – including the main stage rock stage on Thursday evening. 2019’s Innibos truly has a bit of everything and you
can’t miss any of it.

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.