By Marley

Early B, aka Earl Swartz, is a versatile rapper known for his witty lyrics and music. The artist (29) has become a regular performer at some of the country’s biggest festivals and concerts, over the past nine years, including the KKNK and Innibos. He is best known for his hit, “Bene Lam“, for which he received a Ghoema Music Award for Best Hip Hop Song in 2017. His most recent success story, “Ben Ten”, did not only feature on the charts of various big radio stations, but its hilarious music video has also had more than 500 000 views on YouTube. Now Early B is back with his latest single “Potte”.

‘POTTE’ is a PE (Port Elizabeth) slang word and its meaning “a girl with a great body” or from what I understood from the comments on Early B’s YouTube channel a girl with curves. Now before all of the armchair warriors and wannabe feminists want to tell me this is exploding woman let me stop you right here. The aim of the song is to introduce the word “Potte” to the rest of the country. Early B’s music has been nothing but awesome since he released his album, “Aangename Kennis” in August of 2018. And I’m a woman with curves so I appreciate it for once that a rapper is acknowledging us. We with the potte.

The video is directed by Gerhard van Rooyen in Cape Town and the video visualises each’ of the 3 characters, Early BJack Parow and Justin Vega versions of what they consider POTTE. “Jack Parow, Justin Vega and I are the main characters in the video. The aim was to introduce the PE saying ‘POTTE’ and it’s meaning (a girl with a great body) to the public. The message is also clear that our characters are quite fond of Potte,” shares Early B about the concept behind the video. “The video also includes appearances by some beautiful models and Gerhard made the necessary adjustments to make my idea look great on screen. It was a good team effort.”

“It is actually just a fun song. I like to imitate people and PE, when guys see a girl with a great body, they say it exactly like I sing it in the chorus: ‘Daai kind het potte, whuh’. It has become such a popular saying in the area that even children use it,” explains B“I wanted to do something light and refreshing with the awesome beat that Justin created. Everyone needs to cut loose sometimes and have a good laugh. There are very serious songs on my new album and we needed to establish an equilibrium by adding some more upbeat tracks,” he adds.

I love the beat behind the song and Parow just brings his flavour to it. Although I’m not sure about the new blond hair and mullet haircut. If you ask who Justin Vega is then you have really been sleeping in your cave too long. He is a DJ and music producer from Cape Town, who shares his passion for music with the world by combining different beats and genres in a new and refreshing way. He is a seasoned musician and jazz enthusiast who is equally comfortable behind the piano and drums as he is behind the mixer and computer.

So what do I think of the video? I like it, I’m so used to seeing girls in short shorts and dresses on the street and in the clubs that it doesn’t phase me at all. I love Early’s humour and music, he is really a down to earth guy who is just trying to put PE music on the map. And he has. In full force with “Ben Ten” and “Bene Lam“. And now “Potte”.

Look I’m a woman in my 30’s, I’ve lived through some great music and this is a new generation coming out. If “Potte” is not blasting over your speakers at your pool party this summer then don’t bother at all. The video was done with taste, typical guys looking at girls kind of story. Yes, guys will always look at a beautiful girl cause why – mooi was nog nooit leilik nie. Ladies remember your best dress is your confidence and this is also something you can take to the bank.

Here is the video “Potte”:

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.