By Marley

Let’s talk about Francois van Coke. Since 2003 his voice has grated our ear holes, making Afrikaans rock like never before. He stands for everything the 30 somethings now all thought was gone back in the day. But Francois has moved from the lead vocalist of Fokofpolisiekar to be one of the best solo artists in South Africa. And on 15 September 2018 Francois and some of his best friends will perform live at Time Square at Menlyn Casino in Pretoria. And just to wet our appetite, he just released an EP featuring some of the artists of the night.

The opening track is “Ek lewe, ek belowe” (I’m alive, I promise) with Die Heuwels Fantasties. Pierre Greeff and Francois voices go well together. Throw in Hunter Kennedy, Sheldon Yoko, Jedd Kossew and Freddy den Hartog with you got a winning Afrikaans rocking song. Just if you think Afrikaans was tamed, this song will prove you wrong, again.

“Altyd lief vir jou” (Always love you) with Early B. The rapper opens the song with his wrapping over music. The song is about the loss of love, the cheating of a lover. And then Francois comes in, with his smooth deep voice. This song is for every single person who has ever lost a person they love because of the lover’s actions. Cheating. Breaking up. Early B is a great act to watch live. And by the second time the chorus comes in, it’s a classic Francois sound. 

“Spaar my asseblief” (Save me please) with one of my favourite singers, Laudo Liebenberg of aKING. This is not the first time the two of them collab on a song. And anyone who has seen Francois and Laudo perform a duet on stage will know. Gooseflesh from the top of your head to the pinkie toes. It is hard to describe exactly what the song is about when you are not fully Afrikaans. But what I can tell you is about not being sure where you fit in. In the new world, in life, in the culture.

“Moenie bang wees nie” with Jack Parow, the other favourite rapper in Afrikaans. This reminds me so much of Van Coke Kartel days. Damn this is a lekker tune to rock out with your socks out. Exactly what you can expect from a Parow/Van Coke collab.

Die Heuwels Fantasties, Early B, Laudo Liebenberg, Jack Parow - photo by Andre Badenhorst
The Vriende
(photo by Andre Badenhorst)

So should you get this album? Yes if you are a fan of rock and not afraid of Afrikaans. I am a fan of Francois but I know that there are people who are not. Despite this, this EP is a taste what you can expect on 15 September 2018. This EP is perfect for the time period. The production is quality showing off our South African sound engineers, producers and studios. We have world class quality sound right here in South Africa. All the artists on here you might have heard or never heard off. Which okay, we’ll excuse you if you have lived under a rock.

The Francois van Coke en Vriende show will have a full line up of artists that will make you beg for more. FokofpolisiekarDie Heuwels FantastiesKaren ZoidJack ParowEarly BMajoziArno CarstensVan Coke KartelCoenie de Villiers and Francois van Coke en Die Gevaar. This show is one of the big Afrikaans rock shows. One that will be the start (I hope) to many more to come.

15 September 2018 is where you need to be. Get your tickets ASAPAMP Events are known for their rock events. Sun Arena, Time Square Casino, Menlyn, Pretoria is an amazing venue and pretty easy to reach by Urber. It’s worth travelling from Nelsparta to Pretoria.

Because where else can you have your rock ‘n roll and eat it too?

Francois van Coke with Die Heuwels Fantasties
“Ek lewe, ek belowe”
Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.