By Marley

It’s been a slight struggle since last weekend to write up on the scene down at the biggest party that’s happened this year alone, the No One’s Arc album launch.

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It was a girls’ night out as we (a friend and I) decided to get dressed up for the occasion. High heels, make-up, painted our nails, did our hair – the whole 9 yards.

When we arrived at the Emnotweni Arena (this was it was still outside of the Emnotweni casino, their car park garage is now built over this area. The arena moved inside the casino), the red carpet was rolled out, Phoenix fire and drum was doing some crazy tricks and there was some pumping rock ‘n roll music playing – bliss.

The weather was like good sex – hot and sweaty – but this was typical of the Lowveld with a brewing storm (which never came). After the many meet and greets of friends and musicians we got down to the bar, where I chatted with Bongani Mavundla, trumpet player of No One’s Arc, and he said the band was very excited about the evening. And thankful for their fans who all did their part in promoting the event.

The event poster

You see, this was not only No One’s Arc’s album launch, they invited all of the local bands they could onto the lineup. Bands like No Cane, Latte Funk and a few more. During their sets, the crowd was warming up for the stars of the event – No One’s Arc.

With Dylan Bolton on lead vocals and guitar, Mimi Gabi Law is as beautiful as ever on backing vocals. Lee Nicholls on bass and handing out autographs, Robby Johns on drums (who is the quiet one but the wise one), Phinda “Goofster” Magagula on trombone, backing vocals, keys and doing so freestyling and of course, Bongani. This forms No One’s Arc and they had the crowd singing out of their palms.

Their new music video, “Fire”, was playing on the massive big screen. The air around this night was and will be of legends. Because by the time “Stanley” was played everyone was jumping. Phoenix Fire and Drum ended the night with a drumming circle and a fire show outside of the arena.

And as I flopped down on my bed, high heels in a heap, my heart does a happy dance for my friends of No One’s Arc. They are off to do big things, watch this space!

Ed’s note: If you are wondering why there is no photos of the night there are two reasons 1) we couldn’t upload them due to bad quality and 2) what happened in 2010 stays in 2010

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