By Marley

Certainly, one of SA’s best live bands to watch and to listen to, The Black Cat Bones, has not laid down during the pandemic. In fact, these cats have been busy whenever it was being new to fatherhood or working on different projects of their own. Either way, the Black Cat Bones remains a unit of brothers through thick and thin, with the help of beer of course.

Leading up to Doc Barry’s 70th birthday weekend at the end of May 2021, The Black Cat Bones was one of the first band’s being announced to be jamming for Doc on the Blue Moon stage. Along with them, there will be Ruiter Piet en die Partytjie, Soul Taxi, The Fake Leather Blues band and a few more surprises in the mixing bowl. In honour of the upcoming weekend, Andre Kriel (guitarist, vocals) of the BCB had a quick chat with Small Town Music;

STM: The Black Cat Bones have been on the South African stages for over 10 years, what is the mojo that keeps you guys together and creative?

AK: Mutual respect and our love for what we do. Beer also helps …

STM: You are currently part of a few side projects which one of them are Coelacanth, tell us a little bit more about it please?

AK: An easy – going, non-rehearsing collaboration between likeminded individuals … who also likes beer

Andre Kriel Misty Waters 2019
Andre Kriel – The Black Cat Bones at Misty Waters 2019
(photo Small Town Music)

STM: How did you guys cope during the Covid lockdown? What kept you sane?

AK: Writing, streaming … and home brewed beer

STM: What do you miss the most about touring the country?

AK: The faces and the smiles

STM: Will you ever consider doing a solo career?

AK: Not yet … don’t like drinking beer alone

SM: Where did your journey start with guitars? And why the guitar, why not a different instrument?

AK: Playing guitar gets you free beer

The Black Cat Bones at Woodcrock 2019
(Photo b: Bianca Nel)
The Black Cat Bones at Woodcrock 2019
(Photo b: Bianca Nel)

STM: Please tell us about your greatest memory from Blue Moon, Nelspruit

AK: We spent about two weeks in the chalets writing our second album ‘The Long Drive’ – was misty and quiet

STM: The upcoming gig at Blue Moon, Doc 70th birthday, can you share a memory you have with Doc Barry?

AK: Doc’s always just been there, at every show. He’s as solid as a rock and his love for people and for local music makes him a champion in our hearts.

Doc Barry and Andre Kriel of Black Cat Bones at Up The Creek festival 2011 - photo by M van Wetten
Doc Barry and Andre Kriel at Up The Creek 2011
(photo by: M van Wetten)

STM: How does the Black Cat Bones feel about performing at Blue Moon again?

AK: Stoked! It’s always a huge honour to perform at Blue Moon and every gig we’ve done there so far has been super special and left a lingering impression on us all.

STM: What is your birthday message to Doc on his 70th?

AK: Happy birthday to Doc
Don’t you look at the clock
Happy birthday Doc Barry
Happy Birthday – YOU ROCK !!

You can come to Doc’s 70th on Saturday 29 May 2021 that will be held at Blue Moon. It’s R50 at the gate and the gates open at 12:00. Loads of bands will be playing and every single one of them is going to be amazing. There will be food on sale as well as the Blue Moon bar. Please note that no private liquor will be allowed – R.O.A.R. If you need more info just check out the event on the Small Town Music Calendar. We can’t wait to see you all.

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.