By Marley

Die Heuwels Fantasties will be dropping their new studio album “Herverbeel” on Friday 11 December 2020 and recently released their new single “Hardloop Weg”.

For fans who are keen to hear a brand-new song, there is this smashing opening track “Hardloop Weg”. Pierre Greeff says that they cannot wiat for fans to hear this new single. Greeff wortte the song on his phone morning at 03:00 (when inspiration hits).

He says; “It almost feltas if the song wrote itself, it came so easlity to me. Fred and I sat together and put the song together, almost as instantly as it was written. I can count the times in which songs happened so effortlessly over the years on my one hand. Usually these ones are the gems. I kind of feel that this song is relevant to the times that we live in. I hope that our fans will feel it too”.

The single “Hardloop Weg” has already been released and the new album “Herverbeel” will drop on Friday 11 December 2020. The music video for “Hardloop Weg” used Hugo Brand again, the same guy behind the “Mejuffrou Sonneblom” video. The video was shot with the band over two days, with popular actress, Rolanda Marais, as the leading lady.

Catch Die Heuwels Fantasties live at Blue Moon, Nelspruit on Friday 11 December 2020, check out the Small Town Music Calendar for more details.

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