By Marley

Jeremy Loops“Give me Loops, Loops!” I’m so chuffed that I’ve been following his career basically from the start. On that stage at Up The Creek festival all those years ago to what I experience on Thursday 06 September The Barnyard in White River has really been a journey. Much like Jeremy’s journey in the industry. To start so small and to go to the world out there and bringing the joy of music to everyone. Including to the Lowvelders.

What a warm September night it was as the night went on. When I arrived just before 17:00 I had a lovely pink gin from the Dollie Gin Land Rover truck. What a special drink and taste. I’m not the biggest gin lover but that Dollie Gin is good. We snacked on nachos from the Picasso Mexicana food truck and didn’t see the lovely bean en lentil curry that was being sold inside of the venue. And as the people slowly start to pour in, the energy could be felt under the mango trees. Tonight is going to be one of the legends.

Trio Gossip Girl opened the evening and many teens supported them. Which was a lovely sight. Christine’s voice is truly remarkable. I’ve only seen them twice before and it’s one of those bands that takes a cover like “Welcome to the Jungle” and making it into a reggae song. Really, hats off them. They suited the atmosphere perfectly. Lots of people were enjoying it outside the venue as the doors of the barn was wide open to let some air through.

Gossip Girl Trio - Photo by Small Town MUsic
Gossip Girl Trio
(photo by Smal Town Music)

Jeremy Loops brought his band with. Hirman Koopman on keys and saxophone you might recognise from his performances with Die Heuwels Fantasties. Matheo Moleko has been with Jeremy from the start and he brought the rap of course. Devin Jones on drums and Kimberley boy’tjie Mr Sakitumi on bass was all the perfect ingredients for a show that had over 400 people singing together.

Jeremy Loops - photo credit Small Town Music
Jeremy and his fans
(photo by Small Town Music)

Performing songs from “Trading Change” and “Critical as water”. Favourites were “My Shoes”, “Freak”, “Waves”, “Skinny Blues”“Down South” and “Sinner”. I think there wasn’t a person there who didn’t know the songs. A wide age market that represented the crowd couldn’t get enough of Jeremy and his band. What I love also from the show was when performed “Higher Stakes”. It’s one of my Top 10 SA songs. A beautiful song about heartbreak. It really speaks to me and from what I gathered it was a favourite for many. Then the story behind the song “Dreaming Again”, what a moment. Since I visited Kommetjie in February this year I understood his music and vibe better.

Hiram Koopman for Jeremy Loops - photo by Small Town Music
Hiram Koopman on sax
(photo by Small Town Music)

But like most things, it had to come to an end. And if felt like it ended too soon. But it’s an evening I will do over. From the Irish girl who was drunk and friendly clapped me on the back (and my wind out) to the dancing with strangers on the beat of “See I wrote it for you”. I take my hat off for the surfer who took his passion and created to where it is now. His tours overseas, the fans that buy the albums – it can’t be wrong to support good music. And as Jeremy said as well last night thank you for supporting South African music and venues. It’s the only way we can do it.

Jeremy Loops and Matheo Moleko - photo by Small Town Musc
Jeremy and Matheo Moleko
(photo by Small Town Music)

So after the last note was played, the gin was up and dried out and the stars moved on in the sky it was time to drive down the mountain. Slowly coming down from the high I experienced. Jeremy’s show took me back to Up The Creek. Took me back to a time I truly felt free and didn’t sweat the small things. And listening to all the music again as me singing to every single one. I can thank Jeremy and his band that put me in such a good mood. Who reminded me that I must keep on doing what I’m doing as my passion. This isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a job I love.

I leave you with the lyrics of “Trip Fox”

“Let me just get something down

I’m coming for your frown

I got something that’ll make you feel better

Ooh I got this feeling that we’ll do it again and again and again and again”

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.