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For years now, I’ve known Pedro Barbosa via the stages of the country. This big man with an even bigger heart wears his heart (and tattoos) on his ‘sleeves’. He recently released his studio album “Reborn”, which was richly received by the key players and fans of the real South Music industry. With this release, he also released a music video for “Crazy Love Is’” and this is where Pedro made my heart swell.

On a personal level, I can understand where this song’s inspiration comes from. We all had that one person in our lives that we really try very hard to love but somehow it’s the opposite some days. They not sure if they want you or not. If it’s the right thing for them as well. One day it is fine and other days it is dark. Ying and Yang. And of course, being in the music industry this is a very difficult career choice to be in – to have a successful relationship on any level.

It’s a difficult thing to deal with.

Pedro Barbosa - photo by Small Town Music Blog
Pedro Barbosa
(photo by Small Town Music)

Getting back to “Crazy Love Is”, to me it’s like Pedro climbed into the deepest part of his heart when he wrote this because it climbed right into my heart. It’s like he read a woman’s mind with this song. The piano in this song is just a beautiful introduction and instrument to pull at the heartstrings. The chorus “Drink on a Sunday. Cuddle up on Monday. Break up on Tuesday. Fight on a Wednesday. Thursday we are okay. Friday its payday. Saturday I’m going insane. Cause I want it that way.” It’s stuck, in my head, like a record.

Another lyrical thread that really, really got me as a woman is “Reading a woman’s heart, is a delicate art. If you get it right, she will love you day and night. But if you don’t, you will lose her slowly”. Son, that is your advice for the rest of your life. Pedro’s voice is husky and gentle, much like the man. The song is on repeat for the last hour or so.

This is a love song, it’s a crying song, it’s a soul-deep song. It’s one of those songs that I took one listen to and it became an instant favourite. I’m a band geek, I listen to a lot of different music on a daily basis. But Pedro, your fan friend/friend fan has your back. I love this song. I love the whole album “Reborn”.

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Pedro Barbosa
“Crazy Love Is”
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