By Marley

Every year, with every festival, whenever it’s in its first year or 20th year, you’ll find newbies. Find those people who ask you over and over again: “how will I survive the festival?” With Mieliepop just around the corner (21-24 March 2018), we would like to help you with the must-haves to ensure your festival is a memorable one.

We asked a few hardcore “Mieliepoppers” what their ultimate items to have at Mieliepop are.

“Gazebo. Water. Tent. Thermal underwear. Warm jacket. Scarf. Glow sticks and tequila” –

Keli Stanissis, Mbombela

“A sleeping bag. 3 years ago I arrived with no sleeping bag and the temp was 8ᵒC with misty rain. I had two options: steal a blanket or spoon with my camp buddy known as Louis the dog. I stole a blanket” –

Alan Jones, Swaziland

“A backpack, wet wipes, sunscreen, “Regmakers”, headache pills, sunglasses and a portable charger. But my ultimate things to have at Mieliepop are my friends and my hubby” –

Taz Dodson, Swaziland.

“Sunglasses. From that early morning sun shooting through your tent flaps to the fading afternoon light behind the stage, they help maintain visual clarity so you can see all your favourite artists. And tent poles”

Mike Harrison, Johannesburg

“A good party attitude, smile and lots of hugs. A camera too. Good friends and lip gloss” –

Mattie Coetzee, Mbombela

“Sunglasses, sunscreen is first up. Then warm jackets and a beanie for the night. Red wine for the evening and cold beer for the day. A gazebo is really great as well to stay cool or warm. Gas braai for coffee. And a fully charged camera.” –

Marley, Mbombela
Photo: Mieliepop Festival 2018 Facebook event
Must do bucket list at Mieliepop 2018

Check that you have the basics, for example:

  • Your festival ticket.
  • Camp basics: tent, sleeping bag, warm blanket (or 4), tent buddy, torch
  • Camp snacks
  • A gazebo for getting out of the sun and shelter from any rain (or frost)
  • Toilet paper – just in case.
  • Sunscreen for the day.
  • Warm clothes for the night: jacket, beanie, scarf, gloves, warm socks, closed shoes – the temperatures can drop well below 10ᵒC
  • Swimming gear for the river or heated rock pool. Including your floating flamingo and swan.
  • Cash – It works a lot easier at the bar and food stalls. There is an ATM on site but cash is king.

Drive slowly at all times. Potholes are unpredictable and so is wildlife. Remember to keep left and pass right only when it’s safe to do so. The festival is not going anywhere so get there in one piece.

Every festival is indeed different. That we all can agree on. But Mieliepop is such a special festival because it’s held right here in Mpumalanga. Who wants dust and thorns when you can have grass and a lazy lake as a view?

Mieliepop has 90+ acts with different stages including a Rave Cave, a heated pool, dance deck, a boat full of comedians to make you laugh and brilliant bars. Don’t forget to stroll through the food trucks, you won’t go hungry soon. There is an ATM but cash is king at the festival. The closest town is Lothair for petrol, supplies and ice. Medics are on sight to take care of any medical emergency. Just take it, easy friends.

Click on this to get your Mieliepop tickets today.

We’ll see you at Mieliepop. If you see us come say hello!

Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.