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He’s 22 years old and producing trendsetting, unique sounds in need of discovery. Remixing quality tracks such as “Alok & Fractal System Ft. Bea Jourdan – Don’t Ya“, “Tom Sawyers – Marihuana” and “Chunda Munki’s – U kno“, he’s found himself on YouTube viewers radar’s reaching an impressive 49,423 views. Having original mix releases on Label’s ranging from Chutney Records (SA), Immoral Music (SA), East Project (UK) and Augmented Deep (Belgium) – MalcoHol has entered our bass and deep house community, and he’s come in with a bang, quite literally.

I interviewed the Mozambican DJ/producer to get a proper feel for what he is about and what we can expect from him in the near future.

STM: What upcoming projects can we expect from you?

ML: In the near future, I will be releasing an EP called “Funny business” on Chutney Freebies (a part of Chutney records that will be giving away free downloads from time to time). A release on Mudpie Records (from Cape Town), No Basic Shit (from Mozambique) and if everything goes well on House of Hustle (Worldwide). I will be releasing  DJ sets of a series I started called Groove Theory, where I present to people a few of my unreleased tracks, some exclusives, and tracks that I really enjoy, I already released the first DJ set of the series, Groove Theory 101, now I aim for 102 and 103.

STM: What made you start DJ’ing?

ML: Mainly what got my interest to start DJ’ing was that I could share my music and my vibes with the people.

STM: Who are your musical inspirations?

ML: I am inspired by every type of good music out there, any genre that has something that catches my ear helps me bring something unique to my own music. But if I had to mention artists that inspire me in terms of their vision or perspective in music, I would say Kanye West and Kyle Watson, because to me they don’t only have a very distinct sound and good music, they can bring that uniqueness to the different existing sub-genres of their main genre, making them beings with a brilliant capacity to adapt in any music industry.

STM: In a pool full of similar sounds, what differentiates you from other DJ’s?

ML: I believe what makes me different from the other DJ’s is that I include most of my own music in the DJ sets and play other bass music that seems very different from what people are used to listening to in the clubs.

STM: What do you enjoy the most and least about the life of a DJ?

ML: What I enjoy the most in the DJ life is seeing the happiness and good vibes when I play the right tracks at a party. What I don’t enjoy is waking up late after a hardcore party.

STM: Describe your DJ style.

ML: I have been told that my DJ’ing can be very passionate because the bass music I add in my sets is very melodic, deep and some very catchy. I can agree with that because I not only want the people to dance and have a good time, I want to convey my deep emotions to them using music. 

STM: Where would you like to see yourself as a DJ? 

ML: As a DJ I would love to be part of the artists that are representing the continent, I don’t only want to represent my home country Mozambique, but I want to show the world one day that Africa has some amazing talent.

STM: Are you more interested in producing or mixing? 

ML: Lately, I have been more focused on producing but my interest goes to both. I don’t have a favourite because I express myself differently in each.   

STM: Is it difficult for you to stay original?

ML: Well, to me it isn’t difficult as long as I’m comfortable with who I truly am and what I do.

MalcoHol produces some banger sound, with some tracks jolting you into a party vibe, and others taking you on a journey. His recent track “Nervus System” was featured on 5FM’s Das Kapital’s radio show “InDasWeTrust“, offering a unique composition of captivating melodies, catchy vocals and a soul-churning deep undercurrent. MalcoHol will definitely be capturing attention within the near future. 

Do yourself a favour and listen to his Soundcloud:

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