By Marley

My first ever gig at Blue Moon in 2001 was with Not My Dog on stage. I can’t remember much of the night (I blame OBS) but Not My Dog is a name I will never forget. Later on, Hanu de Jong vocalist of Not My Dog became The Narrow’s vocalist. The Narrow stands for so many memories for the young adults that were at that stage.

The Narrow
The Narrow
(photo supplied)

But like life, it moves on. And with Blue Moon dusting herself off again for a second time in 2019 Woodcrock Productions along with Castle Light is bringing one rockin’ evening to our city and as it’s headliners are no other than The Narrow. Supported by Son of Hawk, The Color Blew, I Believe In Giants and Back Stage.

Now if you know nothing of The Narrow, that’s okay, you might have been too small or not even born yet. OR you were too busy with life – hey that happens. But The Narrow stood for the punk rockers, the headbangers, the weirdos, the undead cheerleaders – dude, where they went the rock went with. They were one of the bands I never missed as a youngster of 20 something cough but a stiff neck and a hoarse voice the next day was some of the favourite memories with it.

Small Town Music had the opportunity to chat to non other than Hanu de Jong (who is all the way in New-Zeeland), as they are heading to Blue Moon in Nelspruit on Friday 23 November 2019;

STM: The Narrow has been around for more than one Blue Moon, can you tell us what memories or feelings you still have in your hearts about the venue and its people?

Hanu: First time I did a show there was with Not My Dog and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I mean we were used to playing converted brothels and dark smelly dungeon like venues. Blue Moon is outdoors at the bottom of a natural amphitheatre with bonfires going all the way up the hill! Years later I did a show with Not My Dog and then an hour later singing with The Narrow… it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

STM: In your own rocking words, how would you describe your band to someone who has never seen or heard of you before?

Hanu: To none-rock people, I usually say kinda like Foo Fighters but just heavier. But we are a hard-rock band with nice sing-along hooks and heavy emotional undertones.

STM: The Narrow as a name for the band has always fascinated us, please tell us where did the name come from?

Hanu: It’s a take on “The narrow minded” which was too long for a band name 🙂
We are all products of our environment and narrow minded in some way about most things.

STM: The Narrow has been laying low for a while, why now “The Fired Up Tour”?

Hanu: We’re just ready to enjoy the SA summer and fire up a braai or seven!

STM: Is it to dust off the old rockers and punk heads?

Hanu: Indeed! But to be honest our fanbase seems to get younger and younger. In many cases it’s our original fans’ kids are coming to our shows now!

Hanu de Jong - The Narrow - photo supplied
Hanu de Jong
(photo supplied)

STM: So many people are still looking at big festivals like Oppikoppi as “the ultimate” place to find good music but have you guys experienced different festivals where this is possible as well?

Hanu: Most of the bands that make it onto a big festival’s bill is pretty well known in their genre already. So finding new and exciting talent usually happens on a weeknight somewhere in a dodgy bar or house party. Or online… which is way less fun.

Remember this classic from The Narrow?

STM: Your live shows have always been sweat dripping, bra stripping, jumping to riffs like it’s the last night on earth – where do you guys find the inspiration from in this day (and age)?

Hanu: We’ve always written about what’s happening in our lives at that time. To be authentic and pack some real stories and lived emotion behind a tune is the key. People can feel and see that. More than enough drama in all our lives still.

STM: Do you guys still think there is space for your genre of music in the South African music scene? With all the competition one is receiving from your more dance, hip hop, rap genres?

Hanu: We’ve never written for a specific market or genre so don’t really care about that stuff.

Deon Kruger and Hanu de Jong - The Narrow - photo supplied
Deon Kruger and Hanu de Jong
(photo supplied)

STM: You have a golden circle ticket to a show of any band/artist dead or alive – who will you watch?

Hanu: Radiohead is still on my bucket list! But so many awesome new bands out there now… I wouldn’t be able to choose! I know as a band we would love to see Tool live.

STM: On Saturday 23 November you guys are returning to Blue Moon after many years, what you are looking forward to seeing or do the most of the old mountain?

Hanu: We can’t wait to see all the Nelsmyters and all the wonderful people who keep that awesome venue going!

Tickets for The Narrow’s show at Blue Moon on Saturday 23 November 2019 is now on sale via Quicket online at R115 (includes camping). Or at the gate for R150 (includes camping). Booze is cheap, food is good, the grass is green and the girls are all pretty.

And the new of The Narrow
Marley is the founder and owner of Small Town Music. Born and bred in Nelspruit aka Nelsparta. Marley loves music (rock being a firm favourite), tattoos, festivals, animals and South Africa. Self-taught photographer and writer.